Soultune Record

Soultune records is a record label associated with the production, marketing, enforcement and promotion of Gospel music. Also conducting, scouting and development of new artists (Artistes and Repertoire "A&R"), and management of artists.

Soultune is known for producing good Gospel music that are brilliantly recorded and produced in Soultune studio.

At Soultune Records , we do Gospel.

If it's not Gospel, it's not Gospel.

If it's not tuned to the soul, it's not soul tunes.

The label has a number of artists currently signed under the brand; Joy Joseph, Priceless Faith, Fortune Cee and Gospel Drums and the label has been in charge of all its productions and the artists have been doing beautifully. 

At Soultune, we deliver nothing but the best, our artists are made global, we do good music, we make good videos and our songs do not forget to leave a life lasting impact with you!